Water Wizard 2.0

Over 30 years of experience developing better performing car wash equipment has gone into the Water Wizard touch-free Automatic car wash system. The unit is reliable and easy to maintain with built in features that save on operating costs.

The cleaning features include an independent presoak system, onboard rocker panel blasters and the scrubbing action of the oscillating high pressure nozzles. Combined with the Contouring High-Pressure Boom the Water Wizard individually profiles every vehicle to maximise the wash quality.

Optional Wheel Scrubs have proven to be the biggest improvement in touch-free washing in the last 15 years. The counter rotating scrubbing wheel brushes with 3 internal high pressure nozzles perform tremendously on even the dirtiest wheels.

Coupled with the ability to infinitely program the wash recipes and the ability to log-on via the internet to every Water Wizard we install to provide backup support and minimise down time, the Water Wizard is sure to impress customers and maximise your car wash revenue.

Standard Wash Features:

  • Undercarriage Wash
  • Pre Soak
  • High Pressure Wash
  • Side Rocker Panel Blasters
  • Clear Coat Wax Protection
  • High Pressure Rinse
  • Operator Interface with unlimited programming (Red Lion)
  • Web Enabled Computer Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Multiple Gantry Speeds

Optional Wash Features:

  • 2 Step Pre Soak Upgrade
  • Triple Foam Wax Conditioner
  • Low Pressure Cleat Coat Wax
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Wheel Scrubs
  • Foaming Tyre Cleaner
  • 30HP On-Board Blowers
  • Contouring High Pressure Boom System
  • Water Wizard Gantry:
    3.61m wide x 3.25m high x 1.14m deep
  • Pumping Plant:
    900mm wide x 1778mm high x 800mm deep
  • Electrical Panel:
    736mm wide x 736mm high x 203mm deep
  • Vehicle Height Clearance:

Recommended Bay Dimensions:

  • Length: 10.50m
  • Width: 4.60m
  • Height: 3.80m

Water Wizard Electrical Requirements:

  • 3 Phase, 415 Volt, 63amp Supply (D curve breaker)
  • Running Current: 3 Phase, 415 Volt, 40amp