Washworld Razor

The Razor is Washworld’s best selling automatic and it’s easy to see why. Built for longevity and durability the Razor uses stainless steel construction throughout the automatic and rails.

The ‘inverted L’ design provides an open, inviting wash bay.  With an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use the Razor has proven to be a extremely reliable automatic.

With standard options such as Flex Pass (to improve throughput), LED lighting, audio speaker, remote access for trouble shooting and summary reports and Washworlds patented virtual attendant the Razor will provide many years of service.

Other options available include Tri Colour foam, Foam n Flow and Power Tower wheel blasters.

The Razor EDGE option provides an added experience for the customer.  With additional coloured LED lighting on the bridge as well as the LumenArch the Razor EDGE provides customers with a light show experience as their vehicle is washed.  The Razor EDGE also includes the HyperFlex option that provides the ability to deliver 2 Low Pressure options at once to increase speed and throughput.

Standard Wash Features:

  • 3 Step Pre Soak Application
  • High Pressure Rinse
  • High Pressure Wax
  • High Pressure Drying Agent
  • Low Pressure Wax
  • Spot Free Rinse delivery
  • UCC Operator Interface with touch screen
  • Washview Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Multiple Wash Speeds and Customisation
  • Audible Voice Prompts

Optional Wash Features:

  • Underbody Wash with Side Blasters
  • Power Tower Wheel Cleaner
  • Triple Shine Foam Wax Conditioner
  • Foam N Flo
  • On-Board Blowers
  • Razor Carriage:
    3861mm wide x 965mm deep
  • Pumping Plant:
    813mm wide x 813mm deep x 1753mm high
  • Electrical Panel:
    953mm wide x 1054mm high x 292mm deep
  • Vehicle Height Clearance:

Recommended Bay Dimensions:

  • Length: 10.00m (min 8.50m)
  • Width: 4.50m
  • Height: 3.80m

Razor Electrical Requirements:

  • 3 Phase, 415 Volt, 63amp Supply (D curve breaker)
  • Running Current: 3 Phase, 415 Volt, 40amp