Washworld Razor XR7

Washworld’s Razor XR-7 in-bay automatic car wash takes the standard for touch free car wash equipment to a new level.

Finding the perfect balance of impeccable design, smooth operation and longevity.

The Razor XR-7 combines the great features you’ve come to expect from Washworld with flexible options for a low-cost, customized car wash.

Using Stainless Steel construction, the Razor XR-7 is built to last.

Standard Wash Features:

  • Pre Soak (2 Part Pre Soak)
  • High Pressure Rinse
  • High Pressure Wax / Drying Agent
  • Low Pressure Wax
  • UCC Operator Interface with touch screen
  • Washview Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Multiple Wash Speeds

Optional Wash Features:

  • Underbody Wash with Side Blasters
  • Power Tower Wheel Cleaner
  • 3 Step Pre Soak Upgrade
  • Triple Shine Foam Wax Conditioner
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • On-Board Blowers
  • Audible Voice Prompts
  • Razor XR7 Carriage:
    3861mm wide x 965mm deep
  • Pumping Plant:
    813mm wide x 813mm deep x 1753mm high
  • Electrical Panel:
    953mm wide x 1054mm high x 292mm deep
  • Vehicle Height Clearance:

Recommended Bay Dimensions:

  • Length: 10.00m
  • Width: 4.60m
  • Height: 3.80m

Razor XR7 Electrical Requirements:

  • 3 Phase, 415 Volt, 63amp Supply (D curve breaker)
  • Running Current: 3 Phase, 415 Volt, 40amp