Car Wash Vacuums have proven to be a very profitable source of income and are therefore widely used in today’s car wash business. A powerful car vacuum cleaner will clean the interior of a vehicle with ease.

Providing car wash vacuums at your car wash will add revenue even while the wash bays are in use. In fact vacuums are the most profitable part of most car wash businesses and when properly laid out on a car wash site can add up to 20% to wash revenues.

State-of-the-art equipment from an industry expert, the 94000 Series Car Wash Vacuums are constructed of high quality, stainless steel. Our affordable dual-function vacuums mean long life, dependability and a higher return on your dollar than any other equipment. Round in shape, the 94000 Series Car Wash Vacuums make an attractive addition to your car wash with your choice of dome colour and matching decal graphics.

Car Wash Vacuums