Money Changers

Car Wash Money Changers are a must at any self serve car wash. When customers need change, having a reliable money changer will encourage customers back, and new customers in, if they can easily obtain change for their notes.

Shiners supply the Hamilton Change Machine – a rear loaded change machine with dual note acceptors and 3 Hoppers. Having the ability to program individual payouts for each note accepted with a third hopper has the advantage of being able to dispense a mix of $1 & $2 coins and tokens.

The penetration size required for a Hamilton Change Machine is:
896mm high x 550mm wide.

Car Wash Money Changers
  • Hopper Capacity: 5000 coins
  • Audit Printer
  • Programmer
  • 7 gauge stainless steel

Penetration Hole Size:-
896mm high x 550mm wide

Faceplate: 975mm High x 630mm Wide x 365mm Deep