Express Tunnel

Designed for high volume car wash sites, the Hanna Express Tunnel conveyor system utilises a combination of high-pressure water applicators, soft cloth and foam brushes for the perfect balance of gentle yet effective cleaning.  

With some car wash sites in the US washing over 1000 cars a day, the Express Tunnel conveyor systems can generate enormous revenues in the right location.  Here in Australia although the concept is still in its infancy, we are seeing wash volumes at sites in excess of 500 cars a day.  

Shiners has invested heavily in its own technology by building the very first fully automated express tunnel in Australia which is readily available for those considering investing in this concept to visit and evaluate.

Utilising 5 decades of car wash innovation, the Hanna Express Tunnel is designed to operate with minimal labour requirements whilst maximising cleaning quality - addressing hard to clean areas such as wheels, bumpers and window edges.

Available in a number of different Express Tunnel configurations with conveyor lengths starting from 50’, the Express Tunnel system minimises vehicle incident while providing motorists with an open and inviting view through the car wash.  With throughput of up to 100 cars per hour, the Express Tunnel truly lives up to its name by being capable of processing nearly 2 vehicles every minute with a total wash time of around 2 ½ minutes.  This means waiting for long periods in a wash queue is a thing of the past.

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