eFusion Car Wash

The eFusion Car Wash is a 3 brush design automatic system.

With it’s unique SparkleSoft foam brushes the eFusion glides over the vehicle’s surface enhancing the gloss and luster.

Using Amp sensing controls the brushes adjust the top and side brushes to the exact contour of every vehicle and ensure a clean finish.

With a durable stainless frame the eFusion car wash system is extremely versatile with options such as Wheel Scrubs, Tri Colour Foam, High Pressure Rinse, Low Pressure Wax, Spot Free Rinse and many more.

The eFusion is completely programmable to fit your wash needs and to maximize your profits.

Standard Wash Features:

  • 3 Soft Cloth Brushes
  • Foaming Pre Soak
  • Rinse
  • Red Lion Operator Interface with unlimited programming

Optional Wash Features:

  • Tri Foam Wax Conditioner
  • Low Pressure ClearCoat Wax
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Wheel Scrubs
  • Foaming Tyre Cleaner
  • 30HP On-Board Blowers
  • High Pressure Rinse Upgrade

Recommended Bay Dimensions:

  • Length: 11.00m
  • Width: 4.80m
  • Height: 3.66m