The Car Wash Industry

It is some 30+ years ago that the first Self Service car washes opened in Australia, but by comparison the USA Self Service Car Wash Industry has been operating for over 60 years.  Shiners have been fortunate to be able to draw on the American experience and enter this industry at a time when the standard and reliability of equipment, combined with the design and layout of Wash Sites has reached a new level of excellence.

From a handful of car washes in the early 1990’s there are now over 1000 nationwide.

Car Washes & Water
Much talk has taken place over the past 10 years on concerns expressed by existing car wash operators on how to ‘drought proof’ the industry. Changes in rainfall patterns, climate change and differing agendas by water providers and governments have all brought pressure on the industry to look at ways to ensure that the car washes can continue to operate water efficiently and sustainably.

Following considerable dialogue between the ACWA (Australian Car Wash Association) and water providers, an innovative water rating scheme was launched in October 2005. This National scheme has the objective of allowing water efficient car washes to continue to operate during water restrictions, even when car washing is not permitted at home. This scheme is voluntary for car wash operators and has the dual purpose of encouraging awareness of water by car wash users and the Industry, and reducing the amount of potable drinking water used for car washing.