Back Up Service & Support

It is good to know that the technicians who install your car wash equipment will be the technicians that will be servicing your equipment. 

With a team of service technicians with over 20 years experience in the industry our service team will ensure that any issues can be resolved quickly and with minimum of fuss.  

As we find that many of our customers choose do their own on-going maintenance (when following the comprehensive manuals provided this is relatively straight forward) we put a strong emphasis on ensuring that if there is a problem, there is someone who has the knowledge who can resolve the problem over the phone with little or no cost to our customers. 

With all new equipment installations we provide a high speed modem, enabling our technical team to be live online to diagnose faults and make any necessary changes to the car wash programming.  This enables our technicians to have the same control over the equipment as if they were on site and in the plant room!  

Of course, should a technician be required, support is available 7 days per week.

Where customers wish to arrange a preventative maintenance service, due to the number of Shiners equipped car wash sites around the country this can often be arranged in conjunction with other car washes in the area to minimise travel costs.