The team at Shiners Car Wash Systems have the experience and knowledge to help you establish and grow a successful car wash. The team at Shiners offers car wash operators all the tools and expertise to support your car wash business from design advice, equipment sales, chemicals support, vending supplies, consumables and spare parts. 

We have partnerships with leading car wash equipment manufacturers and chemical experts across the US. Shiners have been recognised within the car wash industry as a leading car wash distributor globally. Strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers enable us to offer our customers the best products, prices and industry knowledge in the Australasian car wash market.  

Shiners Car Wash Systems offer comprehensive technical support. The technicians who install your car wash equipment will be the technicians who service your machines and provide ongoing maintenance and online support. With all new equipment installations, we provide a high speed modem, so our technical team can dial in if programming or maintenance assistance is required, enabling our technicians the same control over the equipment as if they were on site and in the plant room.