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Automatic Car Wash

With three of the most advanced automatic car wash systems to choose from, Shiners has both the technology and know how to suit your car wash.

Our automatic car wash systems include:

The Water Wizard Touch Free Automatic Car Wash System

The Water Wizard is a touch-free Automatic car wash system. Cleaning features include an independent presoak system, onboard rocker panel blasters and the scrubbing action of the oscillating high pressure nozzles.  Combined with the Contouring High-Pressure Boom the Water Wizard individually profiles every vehicle to maximise the wash quality.
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The Fusion X

The Fusion X offers two wash solutions with either a touch free option or a soft touch combination wash.
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The Express Tunnel

Designed for high volume car wash sites, the Hanna Express Tunnel conveyor system utilises a combination of high-pressure water applicators, soft cloth and foam brushes for the perfect balance of gentle yet effective cleaning.

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